Jumaat, 17 Disember 2010

New World

Good morning to all around the world, hey today is a new day, so what are doing, smile and cheer for all the time. Fortune will come as smile come to you. Thanks Ya Allah, i feel very grateful, now i feel better than yesterday. Today, I need to send my thesis. Thesis oh Thesis, hmmp now thesis done but still got one more project that I need to working on. I dont know why im still in Batu Pahat, I should be in Langkawi already. What is my role in Batu Pahat?

My another project is Stepper Motor Control by Microcontroller, it will shown the result or step motor on LCD that will be as display. I already build the circuit, but the motor only run in one direction which is clockwise. But I already make that the motor run into 4 step to complete 1.8 degree and also 2 step for half from 1.8 degree. I will meet Mr Fauzi my lecturer of C programing, hopefully he will help me with it, if not i will not going home. Please Help me, i need to go home. I need to charge back all energy from my family so that i can survive.


Unknown berkata...

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